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Pre-birth to three

There is a strong relationship between early life experiences and how babies develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically throughout their lives.


Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families identifies the four Key Principles of Rights of the Child, Relationships, Responsive Care and Respect. 


The guidance recognises the importance of pregnancy and the first years of life in influencing a child’s development and future outcomes.  By building on our knowledge of current research and our work with babies, young children and their families we ensure sensitive and respectful approaches and ways of interacting that are beneficial to children and families.


At Sunflower Nursery children’s rights at all stages are valued, respected and encouraged while they learn about expressing themselves, their interdependence with others, how valued they are, and about sharing, making choices and their place in the world


All our staff are aware of their responsibilities in ensuring and promoting positive relationships and the impact this has on children’s future outcomes and life chances.  The importance of respecting children, and ensuring they are welcomed into a safe, secure, loving and familiar environment, cannot be overstated. 

Children need a sense of belonging and a feeling of being appreciated and valued if they are to participate in and contribute to society, feel happy and thrive.  Feeling included is essential for all children and is based on mutual respect and warm, reciprocal relationships.


Establishing responsive care is crucial in ensuring effective and high quality provision for young children and their families.   Our keyworker system enables staff to build close, one-to-one, reciprocal relationships with young children and members of their family.   Children have different dispositions and preferences and there are natural differences in the ways in which they learn as well as the pace of learning.   Our effective staff pay close attention to– for example, how individual babies like to be fed, what they like to eat, and the way that they prefer to be comforted.


Children’s views, values and attitudes are shaped largely by their family.  We respect parents' knowledge of their children, working in partnership and learning from them about their children in order to promote positive outcomes for children.

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