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Settling in

Settling in time at nursery is important and handled in a caring way.  Parents and children are encouraged to visit the nursery where they will receive a handbook and be able to take a tour accompanied by a member of the management team who will pass on detailed information about the nursery and answer any questions they may have.

Sunflower Nursery new parents will complete appropriate enrolment forms with relevant information including allergies, medical details and emergency contacts. The completed forms along with deposit will secure the childcare place.

During settling-in sessions parents and the child's Keyworker will complete “All about me” sheets which detail children’s likes and dislikes, habits and skills.   Parents and the Keyworker take time to discuss settling in options and other important information– i.e. bringing a familiar toy or comforter from home to assist if their child becomes upset.

During settling, children will have opportunities to spend short periods of time at nursery before their start date.  This will help them to become familiar with their new environment, friends, Keyworker and other adults who will be there to help them. This is also a good time for parents to build positive relationships with their Keyworker.

Your Keyworker will discuss with you what experiences your child will be involved in at nursery so that you can talk to them about what fun they can have.


Parents are welcome to contact the nursery at any time to check on how their child is settling and progressing.

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