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Forest Schools and the
Curriculum for Excellence

In Scotland we use the Curriculum for Excellence as a framework for learning.  The nature of our curriculum is very holistic and Forest School fits perfectly into and across all areas.   Children at Forest School are given appropriate challenges which allow them to become confident individuals, effective contributors, responsible citizens and therefore successful learners. 


All Forest School activities are delivered in a way that makes them open ended and accessible to all learners.  Forest School's practitioners are highly trained in children's learning needs and can recognise the different opportunities for learning in different activities.

Maths - selection of sticks, size, straightness, angles, sorting, use of mathematical language.

Language - communication with team members, articulation of tasks, appropriate language for the task.

Health and wellbeing- development of fine and gross motor skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence.

Environmental studies and technology - use and properties of materials, appreciation of nomadic cultures, glance and tipping points


The list goes on and this is a mere snapshot but gives an indication of the enormity of the potential learning! 


Kids group play in forest

Examples of activities

Splash in puddles, roll in leaves, catch rain on a tarpaulin sheet, build a snow slide, dry mud out in the sun until it cracks, slide down a mud slide, make mud pies, look for worms and paint on a leaf. 


Due to comprehensive training required of practitioners, other more involved activities can take place that would be built up to over a long period of time.  For example, tree climbing, lighting fires, low ropes challenges, using tools to make different things or to help with construction. 

Girl plays with autumn leaves
Kids in forest
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