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Healthy eating

At Sunflower we regard meal times and snack times as an essential part of the children’s daily routine; a time which provides valuable opportunities for learning and for adults and children to enjoy each other’s company.  Eating together is a social time for children and adults to share conversations and the adult at the meal table has the opportunity to role-model social behaviour such as active listening and courteous table manners to the children in a relaxed atmosphere. 


We help children to understand the importance of a healthy diet by ensuring that we provide healthy, well balanced and nutritious meals and snacks; and that our staff members talk to the children about the choices they can make to stay healthy. 


Our afternoon snacks offer a variety of healthy foods including sandwiches, breadsticks, pitta pockets accompanied by fresh fruit and vegetables and a choice of milk, water or fresh fruit juice


Drinking water is provided throughout the day at the water station and children are encouraged to have regular drinks.

Allergies / dietary requirements

We record information from the parents and carers about any special dietary requirements, preferences or food allergies their child may have so that we meet each child’s individual needs and offer alternatives to suit.


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Sample menus


Sunflower snack and lunch menus rotate every 3 weeks and are regularly updated with input from children and parents and following guidance from the Setting The Table document.


Our breakfast snack bar is open from 7.30-9.00 and provides selections of cereals, toast and fruit.  All snacks are accompanied with a choice of milk, water or fresh fruit juice.


Parents can choose to either provide a packed lunch or purchase a two-course nursery lunch which is delivered by a local catering company.  The lunch menu offers dishes such as lasagne, chicken curry, chilli, macaroni, lamb hot pot etc. accompanied by milk or water.  There is always an alternative of soup or sandwiches should children not like the lunch.  All lunches include vegetables or salad and are followed by a healthy dessert.


Staff at Sunflower take part in regular training on Food Hygiene and Allergen awareness.


Sunflower Nursery is a SMILE 2 accredited nursery, working in partnership with WDC dentists encouraging children to brush their teeth daily.  Children over 3 are also visited by the dental team who with parent’s permission check teeth and apply fluoride coatings.

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