We value:

  • Our safe, secure and caring environment where everyone is welcomed and the rights of the children, staff and parents are valued and respected promoting wellbeing.

  • We value and respect each person and appreciate them for their unique qualities.

  • We value diversity and challenge discrimination.

  • Our keyworker system which promotes continuity, relationship building and a familiar point of contact for parents.

  • Our secure relationships with children and families. 
  • The participation of our parents which is valuable and beneficial to the life of the nursery and their children’s learning
  • We value a stimulating and challenging environment that promotes the learning and development of the whole child and where children’s achievements are celebrated and praised.  

  • We value our highly skilled, motivated and committed staff team

  • The commitment of management and staff to continual progression in learning and developing children’s skills.

  • Our nursery leadership team who are committed to improving outcomes for children

  • Working in partnership with the local authority, primary schools and other child care centres.



  • To endeavour to become a centre of excellence where we keep children at the focus of everything we do and where:

  • All relevant curricular drivers are clearly understood and embedded.

  • Shared ownership between children, parents and staff ensures high quality learning and teaching therefore maximising the potential of every child.   
  • Everyone can benefit from being part of a creative culture that nurtures the spirit of curiosity and adventure, and enjoy a purposeful, supportive, challenging and enjoyable environment both indoors and out.

  • Children are confident individuals, effective contributors and successful learners who are enthusiastic and proud of everything they do.

  • People enjoy an inclusive learning environment where caring towards each other and our world is prevalent.

  • We respect ourselves, each other the community and environment and value the opinions of all faiths and cultures.

  • We enrich children’s learning through actively engaging with the local community.

  • We ensure all staff have access to high quality on going professional development opportunities

  • Joined up working approaches with staff families and external agencies, ensures barriers to learning are overcome promoting equity.

  • Following best practice as indicated by:
    Health and Social Care Standards, Scottish Social Services Council - Codes of Practice, Building the Ambition, Getting It Right For Every Child, How Good Is Our Early Learning and Childcare, United Nations Convention Rights Child, Pre-Birth to Three, Curriculum for Excellence and Early Years Framework.

Baby girl with Sunflower
Group of kids playing outdoors
Hands with painted faces on
Baby boy and jigsaw puzzle